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Open-End Rotor Spinning

  • Maximum No.of Rotors-480 Rotors (16 Rotors / Section) Maximum No. of the section up to 30.
  • Spindle Gauge -210mm.
  • Piecing parameters, Rotor Speed, Technological Air pressure setting, Take up speed, Winding parameters are all controlled by Touch Screen HIM.
  • Central Conveyor belt provided for removing packages.
  • Special Coating and Nickel Plating and Chemical Treatment are available as options for Opening Rollers and Rotors.
  • Ceramic inserts with smooth and notched navels are available for special application.
  • Length measurement is incorporated for producing Yarn Packages with Specific Yarn Lengths.
  • Yarn waste and Trash fibers are collected separately in separate chambers.

Technical Specification

  • Technology Air Suction chamber waste is Automatically cleared by a separate wiper.
  • Yarn Traverse Guide ā€“ Through Servo ā€œEā€ cam Motion, infinitely variable offset up to 4mm.
  • An Electrical Joint Spinning system is provided for controlling Yarn breakages during a Power failure.

(The Joint Spring system availability will be based on the Total No. of Rotors)

  • Two Colour LED light sensors for easier operator assistance.
Technical Data
Yarn Count Range a. 250Tex- 15 Tex
b. 2.5 Ne to 40s Ne
(Depending Upon Raw Material)
Sliver Feed a. 7.0 K Tex- 2.5 KTex
b. 0.08 Ne – 0.20 Ne
Fibre Length upto 45 mm
Draft Range 40-300
Maximum Rotor RPM upto 1,00,000.00
Rotor Diameter 32 to 66 mm
Feed Sliver Entry Speed Upto 12 m / Min
Fixing Arrangement of Opening Roller & Rotor Direct Mounting Type
Yarn Winding Take Up Speed Cheese Winding upto 180 M/Min
Yarn Traverse Length 150 mm
Waxing Device (Optional), But Motor Drive is Centralised
Winding Angle 30 – 40 Adjustable through the touch screen
Winding Package Size Cheese Head Upto 4.0 kg and 300mm Diameter
Winding Tube Size a. Diameter – 40,44,50,54.
b. Length – 170 mm
Feed cans which can be accommodated a. Dia – upto 16″
b. Height – Maximum 42″
Production Data
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