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Auto-Leveller Draw Frame

Auto-Leveller Draw frames have become an integral part of a modern textile mill producing High Quality Yarns.

To bring the Auto-Leveller Draw frame withing the reach of all the textile mills, we at Super Machine Works (P) Ltd have developed an Auto-Leveller Draw frame at par with international standards and operating performance.

The Auto-Leveller System is built around latest High Technology Data Acquisition System, Hi-Tech Sensors, Highly accurate AC Servo Motors and High Speed Industrial Plcs.

Technical Data
No of Delivery / Machine 1
Maximum Delivery Speed(Mechnical) upto 1000 Mts/min
Draft Range From 4.5 to 10
Range of Staple Length 20 mm to 75 mm
Delivery Hank up to 0.3
Drafting Arrangement 4 over 3
Can Dimensions at Delivery Dia 12 ” to 24″ (300-600mm)
Height 36″ to 45″ (910-1150mm)
Package Counter Weight System Manual Spring Type
Production Data
Production @ 90% Efficiency in Ring Spinning
Counts at 0.10 Sliver Hank
600RPM = 4580 kg/day
650 RPM = 4400 kg/day
Production @ 80% Efficiency in Open End
Counts at 0.10 Sliver Hank
550 RPM = 3730 kg/day
650 RPM = 4400 kg/day
Power Installation Data
Normal Rating of Main Drivers Motors
a) Main Motor
b) Servo Motor

5.5 K.W
3.0 K.W
Normal Rating of Auxiliary Motors
a) Suction Motor
b) Can Change Motor

1.5 K.W
0.37 K.W
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