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Welcome to Super Group of Companies:
Super Group as it stands today, was started way back in 1984 with a vision to become one of the most advanced machinery manufacturer in the field of Textile and General Engineering.
The seeds of development for the group were planted by Mr. A. Thankavel, a natural Technocrat and inventor, who started his career as a simple erection engineer, to become one of the most successful industrialist in the field of textile engineering.
The company’s successful technological advancement in the manufacturing of Sliver and Apparel yarn making machines for more than two decades, has promoted it towards the development and manufacture of highly advanced Open End Spinning Machine , SUPER OS 480 to target the global markets.
The company has an extremely motivated team, top quality infrastructure. meeting all the requirements from Research and Development through to customer service.


Serving Society thro Industry is our philosophy – Our Logo symbolizes our working culture.
*The white Dove represents peace and harmony in the industry.
* The green background represents a clean and healthy environment.


Our mission is to develop and provide Technology products, which are simple , yet sturdy in design aimed at savings in capital investment with superior quality levels, with sustainable productivity and profitability.


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Company History

With the startup of the Spares Manufacturing Division in 1984, the growth of the company has  gradually risen, and an establishment for the Manufacturing Capital machines was set up in 1988. The first Draw frame machines “SD 400” were manufactured in 1990 and subsequently Super Comber “SC 250” was developed in 1992 which created a big splash in the Indian textile industry. Later the Super Lap former “SLF 100” and Super Ring frames “SR 20/1” were developed in accordance to the customers requirements.

The technology shift happened with the development of auto leveler Draw frames” ASD 600″ in 2005 which was later updated to “ASD 1000Z” in 2016. The latest feather in the cap is the development of Super Open End Spinning machines “SUPER OS 480” in 2017 to increase the portfolio and global market share of the company.

Foundation (1984)

Inception of Super Machine Works with spare manufacturing division.


(1990) Drawframe

The first Drawframes were manufactured in 1990, Model SUPER SD400, Dual Delivery Machine Capable of operation upto 400 MPM maximum.

Comber, Lap former (1992)

Incorporated as a private limited company.

Subsequently SUPER COMBER SC 250 was developed in 1992, which had created a big wave in the Indian Textile Industry, SUPER LAPFORMER SLF100, a Supporting Machine for our SUPER COMBER was developed in 1993, capable of feeding upto 5 combers with an operational speed upto 100 MPM


(1996) SUPER Ring Frame

Finally the SUPER RING SPINNING MACHINE SR20/1, with a Maximum Mechanical Operation Speed upto 20000 spindle rpm and maximum Spindleage upto 528 per machine was developed.


(2005) Auto leveler Draw Frame

In 2005, the 1st AutoLevellor Drawframe Machine Model SUPER ASD 600 was Launched with maximum operating speed upto 600 mpm


(2016) SUPER ASD 1000Z, Auto Leveler Drawframe

With continuous Technology Up gradation a fully modified Version SUPER ASD 1000z was introduced in 2016, with a Mechanical Operation Speed upto 1000 MPM,


(2017 to present) Open End Spinning Machines

The Latest Development is a  World Class OPEN END SPINNING Machine “SUPER OS 480”. with an Operational Speed upto 100000 Rotor Rpm and a Maximum of 480 Rotors.


Our First Open-end Customer
Founder of Two Cat Brands

    Board Members

    A. Thankavel

    Founder - Managing Director

      T.S. Sundaram

      Joint Managing Director

        T. Gomathi

        Executive Director

          S. Sathya

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